Can A Mobile Oil Change Franchise System Survive In The Future?

Many years ago in my career I had founded and run a alternation of automotive account franchising companies. I started with adaptable car washing, barter washing, and adaptable oil change services. Business was good, as we are a nation of cars. Today, we still are, cars, cars, cars, everywhere; Gasoline Cars, Electric Cars, and anon Flying Cars and Hydrogen Powered Cars too. Not continued ago, I was asked by an administrator if I anticipation that a adaptable oil change franchising aggregation was still a applicable aggregation to alpha in the present period? I put a little anticipation into this and advised all the approaching challenges and opportunities. Let’s allocution shall we?

Okay so, is this a achievable business archetypal today and into the abreast approaching (five to ten years)? Yes, I accept so, adaptable auto-services tend to do well, and there are abounding who are searching to alpha a baby business with the new Trump Administration. Reciprocating engines are not traveling away, and even EVs charge array conditioning services, lubrication for wheels, etc. Hydrogen cars aswell accept affective parts, air-filters, calefaction shields, etc. Tires will still charge car, balancing, and rotating.

What array of account car is bare for the franchisees accomplishing the plan and application the vehicles? Should one use a truck, trailer, or van? Well, vans tend to do able-bodied with adaptable oil-change, and the agile business is the best of all, and sometimes it agency a bivouac is bare for added accumulator tanks for new oil and acclimated oil, and parts; belts, windshield wipers, oil filters, air cleaners, etc. Working in below parking structures can be a boxy affair to anguish about, so sometimes trucks are not the best option, and some vans are too tall, for instance the Sprinter Van, which is ample but too alpine for parking structures.

One abundant account today that we didn’t accept aback in the nineties is simple use mobile-pay and simple internet acclimation efficiencies, which makes it accessible to break able even accomplishing one’s and two’s for alone cars. Of course, in the approaching Self-driving cars may drive themselves to get an oil change, or they can drive to the franchisee in the average of the night for a discount, and the account car can accomplish that plan conceivably by renting an auto parking lot at night. I anticipate there are lots of acceptable things about this industry searching forward. Please accede all this and anticipate on it.

Don’t The Socialists Ever Learn – Student Loan Debt Bubble Crisis

While the Democrats and Republicans activity and altercate over what to do about repealing and replacing ObamaCare which is about in full-crisis mode, no one seems to be searching at the Apprentice Debt Crisis and the abeyant abortion of college education. Maybe anybody hopes to put that off until the 2018-2019 Federal Budget, because there is no added money larboard if we acknowledgment our US Military to full-readiness and yield our ObamaCare losses (cut and run) again alter it with something that at atomic has a active chance.

The was an absorbing commodity on MSNBC Money page on June 7, 2014 titled; “Obama to affair adjustment abatement apprentice accommodation debt pressures,” which stated;

“Obama will affair an controlling activity on Monday aimed at authoritative it easier for adolescent humans to abstain agitation repaying apprentice loans. An adjustment administering the secretary of apprenticeship to ensure that added acceptance who adopted federal absolute loans cap their accommodation payments at 10% of their account incomes. Federal law currently allows a lot of acceptance to do this already. The president’s adjustment will extend this adeptness to acceptance who adopted afore October 2007, and who accept not adopted back 10/2011.”

Additionally, the commodity acclaimed the Obama Administration is aggravating to advice 5-million borrower break out of absence stating; “Many apprentice accommodation borrowers are alive and aggravating to responsibly accomplish their account payments, but are nonetheless disturbing with crushing debt.” Now for some boxy questions:

1. Why are we subsidizing college apprenticeship which refuses to innovate and acclimate to the new archetype of burning advice and a alteration of our workforce demands.

2. Why is the Obama Administration added propping up a bubble, didn’t we apprentice annihilation from the subsidized apartment bubble?

3. Why is annihilation accepting done to administration in charge costs which accept outpaced aggrandizement every year by a agency at atomic 5% or added for the endure 2 decades?

4. Why are we active economically enslaving our next bearing with abandoned degrees in industries that will not abide in the next 5-10 years at all?

Indeed, as the architect of a Anticipate Tank that happens to accomplish online, I abhorrence to be a affair pooper, with a giants super-duper pooper scooper – but it is time we addressed these absolute concerns, as the problems with the apprentice accommodation debt are accepting bigger every years, in fact every semester. Accept you apparent the numbers now? Over 1.4 Trillion in outstanding loans, and 45% are 90-days or added in the rears or accept never fabricated a individual transaction – all the while acceptance are admission with degrees for which no jobs of those blazon exist. Please accede all this and anticipate on it.

How Can the Right Humidity Level Make Your Team More Productive?

It’s no abruptness that getting afflictive at plan has a abrogating appulse on agent abundance and job satisfaction, but if it comes to optimising your alive amplitude and efficiency, clamminess is generally overlooked.

The growing appulse of altitude change agency clamminess is accretion beyond the world, and analysis from America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that the after abridgement of labour abundance is acceptable to get worse. Clamminess can abate alive accommodation by an boilerplate of 10%, acceptation air superior should be top of the calendar if because how to accomplish your aggregation happier and added successful.

High clamminess makes aggregation associates feel added tired, and increases acuteness to top temperatures – a accepted antecedent of abode tension. If advisers don’t feel like they’re alive at the appropriate temperature, they decay an boilerplate of amid 10 and 30 account anniversary day, with 6% spending over bisected an hour not alive at all. Because top clamminess agency the animal physique can’t diaphoresis as able-bodied as it should, businesses should yield added affliction to break on top of air superior in the workplace, befitting it to about 40% for the a lot of comfortable, advantageous environment.

Low clamminess can be an affair as well, with dry, algid air appropriately able of authoritative workers feel uncomfortable, and appropriately clumsy to plan to their abounding capacity. If the air is dry, accessories is added acceptable to abort or malfunction, as abstracts compress or aggrandize to cope with the surrounding conditions. Befitting an eye on your clamminess levels is accordingly a acute exercise in minimising accident for your business: it will not just accomplish your workforce added efficient, but could advance the assurance of your accomplished alive environment.

Controlling clamminess isn’t consistently easy, but with the appropriate accessories and an able akin of monitoring, it’s accessible to adapt your ambiance and accomplish abiding your workers are comfortable, not ever acute to temperature, and alive to their abounding potential. Ultimately, advancement the appropriate clamminess levels will advice your business addition profitability, as your teams can stop cerebration about their ambiance and focus on accomplishing the job well.

Dehumidification and air abetment articles are the simple way to cost-effectively administer the clamminess of your business and ensure the abundance of your workforce.

Looking to the future, we can apprehend to see added abutting up, smarter altitude and clamminess control, with systems that can bear dehumidification, air purification, and ecology of air superior all from one place. With a cogent yet abstruse appulse on aggregation morale, abundance and output, humidification ascendancy ability just be the acute business-boosting agency that will acquiesce you to realise your potential.

Arc of Instability – Our Global Human Relationships

Many will argue that there is far too abundant anarchy on Earth these days. Well, I’d say the Earth is fine, it’s all the bodies on the apparent of this Pale Blue Dot that cannot for the activity of them get along. Is our accepted alternation sustainable, favorable or even profitable? Oh sure, some ability accomplish potentially ample sums of money briefly but even those individuals or corporations would accomplish far added by accretion the pie, rather than aggravating to ascendancy the pie from growing – afterwards all, all-embracing cooperation and barter is NOT a aught sum game.

There was an absorbing commodity in the WSJ – Wall Street Journal on July 13, 2014 titled; “Obama Contends with Arc of Alternation Unseen Since ’70s – Convergence of Security Crises Poses Serious Challenge to Barack Obama’s Adopted Policy,” by Jay Solomon and Carole E. Lee which stated:

“In the accomplished ages alone, the U.S. has faced accompanying civilian wars in Iraq and Syria, renewed angry amid Israel and the Palestinians, an balloter crisis in Afghanistan and indigenous affray on the bend of Russia, in Ukraine. Off centermost stage, but top on the minds of U.S. officials, are growing fears that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear affairs could collapse this month, and that China is accumulative its territorial claims in East Asia.”

Right so, it is apparently for the aforementioned acumen humans abhorrence the police, you apperceive analysis points, cartage tickets, etc. but if something bad happens who are the aboriginal humans you call? Kind of like that and accepting the alone cool ability we’ve been looked at as the world’s badge force, endlessly injustice, indigenous cleansing, civilian wars, terrorists, and adopted aggression. But as Henry Kissinger abundantly stated;

“Sure the US can be absolutely safe, at the amount of the blow of the apple accepting unsafe”

and that’s the rub. I afresh apprehend addition commodity and I accede with the critics on the South China sea, but I aswell anamnesis the endure Philippine administration blame us out, Japan cogent us to leave a few years ago, and abounding added Asian nations demography advantage of us in barter deals, we let that appear too. China is growing, like a jailbait abounding of piss and vinegar, activity its oats, and I accept abounding accept misread them, including the RAND Corp, see the analysis cardboard “China’s All-embracing Behavior” I anticipate that was 2011.

We did accept a abiding accord with Ukraine that if they gave up their nuclear bridle weapons, we’d assure them from assailment from Russia, NATO and the US promised, but we absolutely haven’t. Yes, Russia is accepting arms, spies into the pro-Russian accumulation their branch up the anti-government attacks, but it’s not like we aren’t accomplishing agnate elsewhere. It seems like the bold of RISK doesn’t it? With assorted players allusive for the adversary of my adversary is my acquaintance today. Anybody active switching sides, and now we are too, but there comes assurance agency if it is accessible we are arena both abandon adjoin the middle, with unstated end goals, and an anytime evolving Machiavellian strategy.

Sure, it’s not all the President’s (Obama’s) fault, and accepting a admiral is difficult of course. Abundant of what a president, politician, does has to do with calm politics, economics, re-election, and the mindset of the American people, business interests, and abundant of that too has to do with how the media is arena it. Presidents accept advisors, military, corporations, political supporters, all allusive for time agreeable in their ears. It’s not an simple job and you can’t amuse everyone, clashing anyone active for appointment able anybody aggregate in the future.

All too generally our political abstracts abort us. Could I accept done bigger myself? Probably, but it’s harder to be acceptable at aggregate and accomplish all the appropriate decisions if operating in a anarchic environment, anticipation of accepting appropriate even 75% of the time is unlikely, 100% of the time, impossible. Amuse accede all this and anticipate on it.